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    Since we have other clients that we must service, and since employees are paid hourly, NNC cannot wait on a client to arrive home to allow us access to their home. We charge the hourly cleaning rate of $32.50 per hour, per cleaning professional onsite if we have to wait to gain access to a facility once we arrive. Otherwise, the cleaning is considered a skip without 48 hours’ notice, and billed at one-half the quoted price.
    We start cleaning houses from 7 am until 3 pm, and our goal is to finish the last cleaning between 5pm and 6pm. On a normal day, we finish every house by 4pm. While we cannot tell you the exact time of arrival, we can give you an estimated time (generally, a four-hour window). Due to the nature of cleaning, it is unrealistic that we can guarantee an exact arrival/departure time for cleaning. We do guarantee your cleaning day, but we assign morning and afternoon appointments ONLY. We do offer to call 30 minutes before arrival if a client needs to be available for us to gain access. Let us know if you need more than 30 minutes notice for driving purposes.
Arrival Time:
Skips and Cancellations:
Payment Due the Day Of Service:
We do our best to be as flexible as we can with the schedule to accommodate the needs of all our clients. During the holidays we appreciate your flexibility as we attempt to fill our client’s many requests for additional services.
    We charge one-half of your quoted cleaning rate without 48 business hours of notice for skips, and cancellations. There is no charge for cancellations made within 48-hour's notice on business days (M-F, 7am-5pm). However, we charge a fee equivalent to half of the regular cleaning price quoted for cancellations made with less than 48-hour's notice. Please note, to avoid a fee, Monday clients are required to cancel by 5pm on the preceding Wednesday.
    Service reliability is extremely important us; therefore, we also discount one-half of the quoted cleaning rate to our clients if we have to skip, or cancel within a 48-hour period. For cancellations or skips without rescheduling before the next scheduled cleaning, the next cleaning will be billed at the hourly rate of $32.50 per hour, per staff member onsite.
    The client agrees to pay the price quoted by NNC on the day of service. A $10 (minimum) handling fee will apply if payment is not received for deposit by the end of a scheduled cleaning day. A 12% finance charge will be added to unpaid balances over 30 days, and turned into collections.

Our Mission is to Provide Quality House Cleaning Services:

    Our mission is to provide consistent, quality house cleaning services for each of our clients. In order to achieve this goal we have established policies and procedures that guide our day to day operations between our house cleaning service and our clients. These policies and procedures charter a predetermined course of action which are established to provide a guide toward accepted business practices and objectives. They ensure that we are able to provide the same level of service to each client, and to spend the time it takes to thoroughly clean each house. Service reliability is extremely important to us, and we often turn down business in order not to disrupt a regularly scheduled client. In exchange, we ask that each of our clients become familiar with our company policies especially in the areas listed below. In addition to the polices below, a complete customer handbook is provided for all new house cleaning clients.
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